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Jumping on my Shadow

Jumping on My Shadow is a history play, a tragi-comedy and a ghost story. It opens with the smell of baking bread, as three generations of refugees inhabit the same bakery at different periods in time…. Click here to read more…

Jumping on my Shadow the play – introduction - click for pdf

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Jumping on my Shadow - Resources

Ideas to provoke and inspire

Jumping on my Shadow the play – introduction

Introduction to the JOMS Education Resources

JOMS Curriculum Map


English (Speaking and Drama)

English 1 Drama

English 2 Spoken Debate Immigration


English (Writing)

English 3 Writing-Writing in Role

English 4 Writing-Character Analysis

English 5 Writing-Persuasive Discussion texts Reports

English 6 Writing-Creating Poetry and Haikus


English (Reading)

English 7 Reading-Researching asylum and Reading the playscript

English 8 Reading-Investigating Different Languages



1 Human Geography - Fieldwork (a) Exploring the locality

2 Geographical Skills and Fieldwork (b)


Curriculum Map

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JOMS Education Resources Contents Page

Additional Resource Bank

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Science1 - Properties and Light and Shadow



History 1 - Research your family history

History 2 - National History of Immigration Facts and Statistics and discussion points

History 3 - National Immigration Cross-Curricular Activities

History 4 - Local Immigration Facts and Statistics

History 5 - Local History Cross-Curricular Activities



PSHE1 - Investigating Identity

PSHE2 - Home & Belonging

PSHE3 - Exploring Discrimination


Design Technology and Art

Design Technology - Making-Bread

Additional Resource Bank

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Playscript & Media

Playscript - Jumping on my Shadow


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