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The Icarus Project
(2005-2007, by Peter Rumney and Nettie Scriven, directed by Adel Al–Salloum)

Our previous programme, The Icarus Project, raised moral & ethical issues of stem cell technologies, asking where should we draw the line in human endeavour (13-17).

The Icarus Project was short listed for the Times Higher Education / Arts Council England Award for Excellence and Innovation 2007, and the Brian Way Award for Young People's Playwriting 2008.

Academic papers and presentations of this project include: the Arts & Bioethics Network Seminar, IX World Congress of Bioethics, Croatia 2008, and the CETT Conference on Theatre Materials/Material Theatres London 2008.

The Icarus Project The Icarus Project

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Photo Credits
The Icarus Project Minotaur, Wylie Longmore and Kelly Jago, photos by Robert Day

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