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A Crack in Time:
Papplewick Water Education R&D Project 2013

A Crack in Time (2013) was an R&D project exploring the potential to animate Papplewick Pumping Station heritage site through performance. Dragon Breath worked with 3 schools, museum staff and volunteers to develop a regional education programme based at Papplewick in summer 2015. We drew on the 2-year Get Wet Action Research project by Papplewick and the University of Nottingham, www.getwet.org.uk, which will provide the basis for our education resources in 2015. We are also hoping to develop a digital animation of the site to create a sustainable and interactive legacy for visitors to Papplewick www.papplewickpumpingstation.org.uk.

Creative team

Graham Forde, Bungo Richardson Laurens, Usha Mahenthiralingam, Chris Lewis-Jones, Becky Matter, Peter Rumney, Nettie Scriven, Ashley Smart.

DVD by G-Force Media. Music: “Unmarked Graves” by Helen Chadwick, “Papplewick Song” by Chris Lewis Jones

Emerging Artists

Bex Overton (NTU), George Gough (NCN), Solomon Rumney Scriven (Parisian Polo Club)

With thanks to

Graham Black, Helen Chadwick , Adam Davies, Marie Gallagher, Andy Platt , Phil Slack, Tony Keyworth, Dr Andrew Townsend, the children and staff of Dunkirk Primary School Nottingham, St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Leicester, and Mansfield Primary Academy; Pat Thomson, Laura White (ACE), New College Nottingham, Eden Farms , and the Trustees, staff and volunteers of Papplewick Pumping Station.

The A Crack in Time R&D project was funded by Arts Council England, and supported by the Nottingham Trent University Theatre Design Course; the NTU School of Art and Design; the NTU Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach team; the Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham; Professor Pat Thomson and the Centre for Advanced Studies, the University of Nottingham

A Crack in Time
A Crack in Time A Crack in Time A Crack in Time
A Crack in Time A Crack in Time A Crack in Time
A Crack in Time A Crack in Time A Crack in Time

Photo Credits
Bex Overton and Graham Forde

A Crack in Time: Dragon Breath/Papplewick R&D PROMO

A Crack in Time: Dragon Breath/Papplewick R&D DOCUMENTARY

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