STOP PRESS - Jumping on my Shadow a ghost story about refuge, asylum and who we think we are for children and family audiences…booking in schools now - details:

STOP PRESS – Cassandra Room Online Catalogue – see how we worked with Nottingham Council to reinterpret part of Wollaton Hall – posting here soon.

STOP PRESS - Jumping on my Shadow Casting Breakdown April 2017 - details:
Site Specific Museum work A Crack in Time, Papplewick Pumping Station, 2015 Most recent video:

Pictures by George Hill and Nettie Scriven
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Dragon Breath Theatre

Dragon Breath is a professional theatre company that makes theatre with and for young people.
We create innovative, epic, poetic, visual theatre responding to, and challenging, young people's experiences and perceptions of the world. Our productions reflect young people's authentic voices, and are researched with children, teachers, university students, artists and scientists over many months during the development of each play.

We are a 'learning company', developing education programmes in a wide range of settings. We offer In Service Training (INSET) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for schools, artists and institutions. The Dragon Breath website is currently under development. Full archives, creative credits, logos and associated links will be posted as they are developed.

Previous Work:

Dragons Breath Dragons Breath - Cosmos Rachel Pink

Photo Credits
Left Dragon Breath the play, Dave Dixon and Clare Harwood, Centre is Cosmos, Polly Wiltshire, photo Debbie Whitmore and Right is The Icarus Project, Rachel Pink, photos Robert Day

Dragon Breath Theatre Artistic Directors

Nettie Scriven

Nettie Scriven is a renowned theatre designer and scenographer. She specialises in creating new work for young people and developing play texts through the design process. She represented Britain at the 1999 Prague Quadrennial. Her latest designs are Gulliver's Travels (Curve Leicester and tour) and Grandpa in my Pocket (Nottingham Playhouse).

Nettie was Creative Agent for Creative Partnerships and The Mighty Creatives, developing curricula in schools, and is currently Creative Agent for the Papplewick Pumping Station research project at The University of Nottingham.

Peter Rumney

Peter Rumney is a writer, director and poet. His play Jumping on my Shadow won the Arts Council England Best Play Award 2002. Peter is currently writing a handbook for teachers on how to support literacy through kinaesthetic learning and visual art (in galleries and the classroom).

Dragon Breath Theatre Advisory Board

  • Adel Al–Salloum
  • Hasmita Chavda
  • Heidi Gale
  • Hugh James
  • Eddy Kéon
  • Professor Terry Shave

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With thanks to all our artistic, science and education collaborators, emerging artists, Arts Council England and funders, and, most of all, to the children we work with.

Thanks to Giselle Leeb at for original webpage design, and Craig Encer for Stop Press design.